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Cooking a song in venetia

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12/1/09 03:17 am - pimping a new novel!

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1/31/08 08:51 pm - Help!! now i'm a horseman????

Well i find out to little about this place. Everybody is so clueless than i am. Their people from deferents places and times, even dimension if such thing exist.
A lovely girl proclaim my name is Fay, some other guy have a tremendous problems with personal names. So i think all others are afraid, not only of this strange place, they carry fears from the place they were coming???

While I'm writing i heard a strange sound and in the window i see a million of tiny stars fall from the sky is beautiful, so i try to catch one or two...
are so shiny and...
i don't know what happens to me I'm try to get up and i find my self definitely different!!!
I have four legs and they are from a horse ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!

1/21/08 11:01 pm - Where i' am???

I never sleep too much, but this is nonsense. I remember get to the bed at dawn and now is night already????
I got up, and then I realized I was not in my bed, not in my house. Where am I? I turned the lights on and I can tell this is other room because the window is in another place… I’m feeling a little panicked, especially for my music and my kitchen.
I must relax and think. Ok breathe Yuui, I’m going to bed again and tomorrow will be as good as ever.

Finally i couldn’t sleep at all. After one hour of struggling in bed, i decide to stand up and turn on the light. i'm more awake and decide to go out of the bedroom to find out where i am? and how to come back to my own house?. I go to the wardrobe and all my clothes are there, even my piano keyboard and my kitchen utensils. This is really crazy. I was kidnapped??
I look at the window and see lights everywhere… is this Venice? i'm in Venice??
Suddenly someone knocks on the door and my heart stops beating…
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