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Cooking a song in venetia

3 March
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Mun Info
Name: Elsie
Personal LJ: http://ariadnechan.livejournal.com
IM: (aim= yuui-ariadne)(msn= elsieacvi@hotmail.com)
Email: elsie.venegas@yahoo.com
Experience?:well I played 10 years with pen and dices AD&D and Vampires the mascarade; now I played in http://community.livejournal.com/rizumikaru_yomi/

The Character
Name: Yuui F.Flowrite
Gender: Male- bisexual
Age: 20 something no one knows how old he is.
AU or OU: Au this character don’t have enough background so is mine
Timeline: He was singing with his band of old 40’-50’ music(night job)(The now)

Yuui grew up in Italy as a single child in an orphanage. He knew all along he has a twin, who had been adopted a few months after his birth. He had a lonely existence, and he was abused and raped. At the age of 11 years old he was adopted by the owner of a Ristorante. He gave him love and a good education. He remembered very well his miserable childhood and tried to think in a better future. Yuui is an organized and caring man who only demonstrates his vanity in his fashion.
Yuui loves to sing so, as a teenager, he sang in a band and in the chorus of his school.
He studied cuisine and is a high quality Chef.
His step father died of a degenerative cancer so Yuui sold the Ristorante in order to pay the bills and now he works as a chef. Because of that he doesn’t have time for friends and he brought up in a rather gentlemanly manner.

Appearance: Yuui approx. 5'12'', he has blond hair in a ponytail and he loves clothes. His pale blue eyes set in a soft face make him appear feminine. Yuui seems to be on his twenties. He has a slim body. He is really handsome and sometimes you might not be sure of his gender (also because of his flirty personality). Yuui easily attracts attention, but for some reason not love. He likes classy clothes (in white, light blue on the day and some red and black in night); he loves clothes so he spends money in that department. The first thing you would notice about Yuui F. Flowrite is that he is a charming gentleman and he really is - no matter how he might be feeling at the moment. He could have had the lousiest day in months and still you’d have a hard time even noticing. And because of his past and his approach to life he has a very lonely existence.
He is always surrounded by people and, although he is admired by everyone he doesn’t let anyone too close. He is the lonely one in the crowd, preferring to keep his own worries (and his past) to himself.
He has high tolerance to alcohol, but he deals with his depression by singing or cooking. It’s through these hobbies that you can really approach Yuui, his emotions and hopes.